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Monday, 12 February 2018

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While auditing WMS implementations, we always notice that tas Queue has not been activated, and if it has, it’s normally not being used as effectively as it can be within the JDA RedPrairie Warehouse Management System Software. If you do have Work Queue turned on in your system and find yourself “controlling” the Work Queue by changing advantages and assigning and suspending work, it’s time to step back from what you are doing and analyze the circumstances. The Work Queue is created to Stop the tasks of assigning people to the real profession and managing preferences. Setting up the Work Queue can be a strategic process and one that may need some adjusting as your processes grow. The below Q&A will guide you to recognize and increase your habit of Work Queue in your RedPrairie Warehouse Management System: Is the work escalating or sitting at the low of the importance list and not getting prepared?
Work needs to escalate so that it does not sit at the bottom of the queue and not get created. The escalation manager will run regularly and escalate the work to a higher priority within your JDA RedPrairie Warehouse Management System. It’s best to set up the line so that new work will not come in as a higher priority over existing work, unless it is a task that needs to be accomplished quickly, such as an emergency replenishment or a location report.
Are some areas taking hard to complete tasks because of longer travel paths or harder to pick locations?
The same task may go into the work queue as a higher priority based on the area. For example, if the work generally goes into the line as a twenty (20), change the priority on the place so that some work coming out of that area goes into the queue as a long priority and can get completed quickly.
There is the task in the work queue but why is nobody picking it up?
This is a common query. Open the screen called Ineligible Work Display within your JDA RedPrairie Warehouse Management System. After putting the User ID or the RDT the screen will show only the task that this user can’t do. Many times it will be due to too many transports in the workplace, or a vehicle not being set up to perform that type of work or allow the area. Make adjustments respectively.
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